Why Link Building Still Matters in 2022

When it comes to digital marketing, link building is considered one of the most effective strategies in creating and improving online exposure. The practice involves having other websites link to your online domain. In doing so, they send signals to search engines, letting them know that the site is an authority on a particular subject, and as a result, can be trusted.

The more credible your website is, the greater its chances of ranking high on the SERPs or search engine results pages. This, in turn, will elevate its internet visibility and allow it to attract more web traffic. With that said, let’s get into the reasons why link building solutions matter in 2022.

  • Increases inbound web traffic

Every domain owner aspires for consistently high traffic volumes, which is the most prominent advantage of link building services. And you receive more opportunities for clicks the more websites that include a link of yours on their web pages. Link building also improves expertise, trust, and domain authority, enabling you to rank high on the search results for your targeted keywords. 

Since more people today rely on search engines for most of their needs, having a high ranking site will make you more visible to the right people. This will lead to an increase in visitors and more chances to generate leads and conversions.

  • Improves SEO and website metrics

The domain authority is only one of several metrics in SEO that is effectively enhanced through effective link building techniques. There’s also the URL rating, a page-level metric, the page rank, and Alexa rank. By building links, you’ll be able to benefit from a significant boost of all these scores, allowing your online domain to continue raising the search results. 

  • Better reputation and credibility

The online reputation of a brand or business matters more today than ever before. Consumers have become savvier and have more access to resources nowadays. Before they make any financial commitments, they usually look up the company first to see whether or not its offerings are worth their hard-earned money. 

Through link building, you’ll be able to build credibility for your brand. This will make it much easier to encourage users to perform actions that may be advantageous to your business, such as subscribing to your newsletter, making a purchase, or leaving a stellar review.

  • Strengthens networking and relationships  

Lastly, link building can strengthen the networking and relationships you have with those within your niche. More often than not, the process is reciprocal – exchanging links will allow all parties to benefit from more traffic, authority, and business growth. By connecting with like-minded individuals, you’re able to learn new things, allowing you to achieve your objectives much quicker.


When all’s said and done, link building can help businesses thrive and flourish in many ways. However, because the process itself can be tricky, the job is best left to the hands of professionals. Hiring a professional SEO agency won’t just save you the trouble of doing it yourself; you’ll also get better results.