How to solve the noise of pipe-type auxiliary electric heater?

Pipe-type auxiliary electric heater has been running time. If you don’t pay attention to maintenance, it is inevitable that there will be some uncoordinated noise, so how to solve the noise problem of pipe-type auxiliary electric heater? First, we can display the pipe pressure gauge in the pipe-type auxiliary electric heaters to adjust the pressure, and then mix the water-resistant water pump in the soda water, so that the heating zone forms a negative pressure, reducing vibration, The noise is also reduced. When portable electric heater the pipe-type auxiliary electric heater vibration is too large or no noise, it can be solved with the above method. Low temperature type airway electric heater gas heating maximum temperature does not exceed 160 ° C; medium temperature type does not exceed 260 ° C; high temperature type does not exceed 500 ° C. The air-shaped electric heater is used in industrial flanges, air-conditioned airways and air air through the heat of the air, improve the temperature of the output air, typically inserted in the horizontal opening of the air. Depending on the temperature of the wind, medium temperature and high temperature; according to the wind speed, stroke speed and high wind speed depending on the wind speed in the air. The airway electric heater is used to increase the heat dissipation area, greatly improves heat exchange efficiency. The heater is designed reasonable, small wind resistance, uniform heating, no high, low temperature angle. Double protection, good security. A thermostat is installed on the heater, the fuse can be used to control the air temperature of the airway, and the work is operated without wind, ensuring that there is no loss.