How to apply for Green Card Lottery, and get Legal Residence in the USA

Maybe we all know the basics of a regular lottery. It’s exciting to know that you can enter the lottery, and if you are chosen randomly you will win a prize. The US State Department has also initiated the lottery program which allows you to obtain permanent residency in the USA.

It is officially known as the Diversity lottery program. Also called the green card lottery program or DV lottery, it is sometimes also called the green card lottery program. This program is part of the random lottery process and allows up to 50,000 applicants to be granted green cards. This program is intended to allow immigrants from all over the world to come to the US.

How do I qualify?

Screening for eligibility is the most important aspect. Before applying for the lottery program, the applicant must meet all requirements. You must be a citizen of a qualifying country to apply for the lottery program. You can apply for eligibility even if you are not a citizen of a qualifying nation. A country is eligible if they have low admission rates to the US. The list of countries that  5 bandar togel terpercaya qualify varies each year. No diversity visas will ever be granted to natives from “high admission” countries, as per the law. The list of countries whose citizens are not eligible for diversity visas can change each year due to the fact that every DV entry period is subject to a separate determination.

The State Department is responsible for all aspects of the lottery program. It is also the only organization that oversees the green-card lottery program. Each applicant must meet all requirements in order to be eligible for the lottery. Most applications are accepted for a limited time, usually between October and December. Multiple submissions will result in disqualification. Applications are only accepted for the time period specified. Electronic submissions are possible. The online application can be prepared by a variety of websites. Online green card lottery applications are free and can be completed and submitted according to the instructions. After the application has been submitted along with all required photos, a confirmation number is generated. This number allows one to check the status of their application online.

Photos are just as important as the application. If family members are included in the application, each photo must be included. All the selections are computerized. Only the winners will receive an email notification.