Haoxin precision hardware stamping slice, which processes contain in precision hardware processing?

Hardware stamping parts processing due to the shape, size, accuracy requirements, raw material performance, etc. Today, Haoxin Precision Hardware Stamping manufacturers explain which crafts with you with you?

Stamping parts processing – punching step:

1. Falling-by the molding edge of the closed contour curve, the bottom is a stamping piece for manufacturing Tablet parts

2. Punched – punched in the closed profile curve

3. Cut – cut-off curve with scissors or die, mostly used for processing shape Simple hardware (123] 4. Decrypted – neat or cut the edge of the molded stamping parts

5. Too tongue is not completely separated from the open outlines. A stamping process, partially separated material, has a certain position required for making, not in the plane of the bathroom

6. Cabinet – processed stamped into semi-finished sheet metal stamping products to cut two Alternatively, multiple applications, multiple for symmetrical components or into components

stamping parts processing – bending step:

1. Bending – will Bar materials, sheets, pipes, and profiles bending into a certain angle and shape stamping process

2. Roll round – roll the ends of the sheet into a closed round head for processing Similar dumplings Between

3. Distortion – Toring the semi-finished product after punishment into a certain angle

stamping parts processing – stretching step:

1. Deepen The deep cutting mold puts pre-cut or punched into a certain shape of a flat blank to pull down the pressure machine to form an open hollow member, or processed the outer hollow piece

2. Thin-cutting – the hollow semi-finished product after the drawing is processed, and further processed into a substanting of the bottom thickness greater than the thickness of the side wall

Stamping parts processing – molding process:

1. Filled – a predetermined material semi-finished product or unfolded sheet material into an erected edge

2. Turn the edge of the sheet, the edge of the sheet, by curve or arc molding Erected edge

3. Excluding – deformation under two-way pulse stress, forming various spatial surface shape stamping parts

4. Rattap – a certain amount of hollow blank or tubular blank On the part, the radial dimension is reduced

5. Oblifting – a part of the hollow blank or tubular blank to expand the radial dimension

6. Epoxification – The surface of the sheet blank or punching member is made into a plurality of protrusions or recesses

7. Correction of the shape of the article in the shape of the sheet blank or punching.The size accuracy of the article or the small rounded radius

Hardware stamping parts are machined in actual production, and when the production amount is generally used, the combined process is generally used, that is, two or more basic process groups are a step,Composite steps of composite molds, multi-station grade engaging, composite stage molding, and the like.