Custom SEO & Digital Marketing Strategies

Most consumers today primarily rely on search engines when looking for the products or services they need. However, many fail to realize that few go past the first page of the search results. This indicates that those who fail to rank high will miss out on opportunities to gain valuable leads, inbound web traffic, conversions, and ultimately, revenue. For this reason, an increasing number of brands and companies are investing in professional services from Jacksonville SEO or search engine optimization experts for those based in the area, and so should you.

A robust SEO approach can go a long way in helping a website elevate its ranking for the specific keywords and drive more visitors to it. And in this article, we’ll cover some of the factors that you and your partner Jacksonville SEO company need to incorporate into your digital marketing campaign to create a successful custom strategy.

Make use of long-tailed keywords

When it comes to forming an SEO strategy, the first thing you should focus on are the keywords. These terms and phrases are what you’ll be looking to show up for in the SERPs or search engine results pages, after all. And to maximize your efforts, it’s recommended that you concentrate on targeting long-tailed keywords. Through these types of search tags, you’ll be able to determine search intent more accurately than you otherwise would have. Since most people search with a greater level of specificity, you’ll be able to connect with ideal leads who have a good chance of turning into paying customers.

Create in-depth content

Another essential element of any SEO strategy is content. Apart from being an essential factor in search ranking, it also enables leads. A business can share its expertise and knowledge with the intended audience through content marketing, engaging them with useful material. As a result, it helps establish authority for the business and drives a greater volume of traffic to its online domain. However, this will only work if the published content is as valuable as they are relevant to your niche. So the topics and medium that you choose to use must always be of a high standard.

You’ll also need to be consistent when generating content and avoid using blackhat techniques, such as keyword stuffing. If you don’t, not only will you fail to achieve the desired goal. But you may compromise your current position and lower it in the process. 

Improve loading speed

Most people expect the websites they visit to pull up in no more than a few seconds. If it fails to meet their expectations, they usually leave. Therefore, it pays to ensure that your online domain’s loading speed remains reasonably fast. Failure to do so will lead to higher bounce rates and lower rankings. The good news is that it isn’t hard to achieve the intended outcome. For starters, you can optimize any images, multimedia elements, or plugins that the site uses because these elements can keep it from functioning the way it should. 

You’ll also want to explore all hosting options, especially if your website fails to load within the desired time after you’ve optimized the elements within it. Don’t skimp on it either – having the right host can make all the difference when it comes to the speed of the loading time and save you from a lot of trouble.


To succeed in business today, you must have an effective digital marketing campaign, and an integral component that it should never be without is an SEO strategy. By incorporating the elements mentioned above into your campaign, you’ll be able to improve your online visibility on the search engines and attract more customers in the process.